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A bespoke tailor method means a man’s wardrobe is tailored based upon an individual client’s specifications to the tailor. Using the bespoke method, a paper pattern is created specifically for the client which is preserved and reused for subsequent garments. The client has selection choices involving the fabric, design features, and customized fit of the garment. By the very nature of a bespoke method of tailoring, there are several instances of interaction with the client during the garment customization process.

More About Bespoke Tailoring

The word bespoke means that a garment is “spoken for”, created for a particular client. The word bespoke as used by Tailors today, within the design of the garment, Buz has total control of not only measurements but shoulder pitch, sleeve setting and neck incline which result in a great fit and feel of the chest, back an collar of the garment. Input from you results in a garment as full or trim as you prefer and any detail that you would like to include, custom specified linings, sleeve buttonholes, additional pockets, a second or even third pair of trousers.

The word bespoke as used by Tailors means the client orders a garment to be made based upon the custom specifications given by the client to the tailor. The word bespoke as it relates to tailors includes the use of custom pattern of the client which is preserved and reused for subsequent garments. This method of building custom garments for the client is far superior to picking ready-to-wear garments off the rack in a mass-manufactured environment within most major retail stores or national chain outlets.

By using the bespoke method of building a wardrobe, the client is measured in several ways to create a specific client pattern. As the client’s specific measurements change over time, the pattern is amended to reflect weight gain, muscle growth or muscle loss as the client ages. Each next garment remains particular to the client pattern plus or minus any changes that occur over time. As the majority of tailors will attest, the bespoke method is more accurate and typically results in better fitting and more comfortable garment.

Buz Yacobian is a tailor serving clients in Boston, North Shore, South Shore, Metro West and Worcester communities. Schedule a garment by Buz Yacobian. Convenient fitting at your home or at your business.

Said simply, Buz Yacobian builds better custom suits! Bristol Clothing has faithfully served industry leaders, business men competing in the financial, medical, and insurance sectors as well as brokers, politicians, athletes, and entertainers. Buz offers exceptional onsite service, capturing exacting measurements, delivering on-time, and within budget. Buz relies upon decades of experience building custom suits in and around the communities in close proximity to Boston.

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