Your clothing is made for you utilizing the “Bespoke Method” a paper pattern is developed for you based on over 30 measurements. Your pattern is then stored to be used on all future orders.


A Bespoke Tuxedo from Bristol Clothing will not only fit you like no other, you have options to make it unique visually-no longer will you look like everyone else.


You can choose from a wide variety of ready-made suits for your ushers ranging from $295-$395.


Whether you want an untucked shirt or to copy a pair of favorite trousers Bristol Clothing is your source we even make custom golf shorts.


Fabrics choosen from the best european mills in the world.



In light of retail stores selling less tailored clothing, they stock fewer pieces of clothing.

When we get together for your appointment at your home or office, you will be treated to an extensive array of Suit and Sport Jacket fabrics that seem almost endless.

And since they are made to your size and your preference it’s like walking into your own clothing store!



When looking for clothing in your size, you may find that the selection in a store is minimal at best, your size is almost an afterthought.

That’s because a store will place the bulk of their inventory in the sizes that they think sell the best-

well, that doesn’t help you much at all.

Since you are choosing the fabric and our Bespoke Garment is created just for you, think of Bristol Clothing as a store where everything is in your size, every shirt, trouser, suit, sport jacket and outer jacket.

Your personal store.

Everything is in your size, style and in the fabric you want and the quality you deserve…




Design your own dress or sport shirt, or incorporate the favorite aspects of your shirts into your order.

Use the collar from one, the body size and length from others, choose collar and cuff linings, pick your fabrics

Now all of Bristol Clothing shirts will be your favorites

Bristol Clothing

Bristol Clothing has been creating high quality custom wardrobes for men in Greater Boston, Metro West and Worcester for over two decades.

My business is built on these five key points; quality, expertise, convenience, selection, service.

I come directly to your home or office. We will discuss your needs, likes and what has not worked for you in the past, take fit queues from your favorite pieces of clothing, collar style, body fit, cuffs, choose a fabric and produce a piece exactly the way you want it, from comfortable slacks for golf, a finely made suit to a tuxedo. We can create a season’s wardrobe in one session utilizing the Bespoke method to create entire wardrobes or a single piece.

This increases your selection, choices, and size will never be an issue, you will enjoy increased value due the personal service and the elimination of the costs associated with brick and mortar passing the savings along to you.

Custom suits based upon Bespoke Measurements method.

Onsite services include measurements, fitting, and delivery.

Wardrobe selection services for special events.

Let’s Work together

Because your time is limited, Bristol Clothing comes directly to your home or office.

Our initial meeting will be about an hour, we discuss the objectives of your clothing, for example, will you use it for travel, or for presentations, will your item be a work horse or a show horse.

There are fabric offerings for each objective.

Utilizing the Bespoke method, over 30 measurements are then taken including your posture to create a paper pattern that is unique to you.

Next is the fun part; You select fabrics from the finest mills, Dormeuil, Reda, Barberis, Drago and many more.

All details of your clothing will be added to your order, side or center vents, the width of the lapel or trouser, a colorful custom lining, even if you desire additional pockets of a specific size inside the coat.

In about 6 weeks your garments are back for a fitting where we make any minor adjustments needed, the clothing is then delivered to you. Once we have patterns for your tailored clothing, subsequent appts are just fabric choices, which become a much shorter visit.

Our Products

With fabrics from the finest mills at your fingertips and any detail you desire the Suits, Sport Jackets, Trousers, Shirts and Outerwear we create together are limitless.



Performance Shirtings

Here at Bristol Clothing Bespoke we get a lot of requests for these. Often referred to as “no-wrinkle,” “easy-care,” “travel-friendly,” and the like, we call them “performance fabrics.”

For those of you who remember the early days of this stuff, you probably have PTSD flashing on stiff, unnatural feeling cloth, non-breathable sweatiness, and worse still, a short shelf life before all that chemical coating wore off.

Thankfully, today’s performance fabrics are a whole lot different. Breathable, soft, comfortable, and long-wearing even with frequent laundering. The secret lies with the fabric makers treating the strands at the micro-level before they’re woven into shirt fabric. and then using state of the art weaving techniques to produce naturally stretchy, breathable shirt fabrics. This is the stuff you’re going to love to take on the road, keep in the desk drawer for an emergency, or just save money with on your dry-cleaning bills.

400+ fabrics to choose from…

Contact Us

In today’s fast paced society, Bristol Clothing recognizes the time constraints of those successful professionals who simply cannot get out and go shopping, so we can bring the shopping to you.

Let me guide you to the styles and colors that will work best for you. We will work directly with you either in your office or home to make this a quick, easy, convenient and efficient way to update your wardrobe for any occasion in your life: work, weekend or social.

Some dates and times convenient for you, including Saturdays!

340 Singletary Lane, Framingham MA 01702

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